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Exterior and Garden
I design and produce gates or railings to compliment their settings in your garden, working with you on the design.
I also offer a range of attractive decorative and functional garden accessories including weather vanes, plant supports, rose arches, hanging baskets and brackets in traditional as well as modern styles. For those seeking the more traditional styles,  I can offer articles that are made and joined by traditional methods,  including collars, hot riveting, mortice joints etc.

Many mass produced articles for the garden are made from light weight materials, often steel tubing coated in plastic. My materials are all solid and heavier gauge which will, as a result, last a life time with a little care.

Exterior finishes normally consist of red oxide primer and at least three top coats in satin or gloss finish for weather resistance.  For even longer resistance articles can be electro -plated in zinc and then over-painted or left unpainted.